MidWestLAN2017: Arctic Warfare Sponsors

If you would like to sponsor one of MWL’s events, please contact Alex and he’ll get back to you right away.

Currently we’re looking for the following types of sponsors.

-Tournament sponsors/random giveaway sponsors willing to provide prizes of any type. This includes any type of swag (buttons, stickers, t-shirts, etc) to items such as computer hardware/software.
-Sponsors willing to donate hardware to run MWL, such as servers, network equipment, projectors, etc.

In return for sponsorship MWL offers (depending on the level of sponsorship):

-Placement on midwestlan.com with a small button/graphic on the front page and a larger banner in the Sponsors section.
-Larger banner as part of the rotating image on the front page.
-Post your banner on the LAN registration site on LANreg.com.
-Attach your logo to any flyers/handouts made to advertise the LAN, and also add a logo to the info handouts and intranet site used to run the LAN.
-Hang any banners/posters at the LAN given to us for purposes of advertising your company.
-Logo/banner placement on event streams.
-Product previews/reviews on stream.
-Sponsored products used by featured streamers at the event.
-Tournaments named after the sponsor e.g. – “CS:GO 5v5 presented by *company name here*”